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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Appy Nu Yere

I opes youz all ad a sooper Chrissymas and Nu Yere.

Ere in da Doggy Rupublik of Rovram we ad a gwate time. I did fink Chrissymas mite be kansulled after Rosa did eat Santy Paws

But we woz lucky. Santy Paws must av eskaped (I fink e ad to buy a nu at) korse e did come to see us after all. I mist im korse I woz in me bed asleep.

Da eyelite of Chrissymas for me woz that General Ben did be on leve from saving da world in da armee. E did come to stop wiv us for a wile. General Ben is my bestest pal and I spent all da time eeva sat on im or trying to sit on im! We ad load of fusses and cuggles. Fusses and cuggles wiv General Ben is wot I like doin bestest.

Friday, 7 December 2012

The Gaffer

I az been koncerned for a while dat I azent dun my blog for ages but I az been busy wiv da Wonky Club website so it az took a bak seet. For dat, dere reedaz, I iz sowwy. However dis week I feel I az been forced into blogging again korse of one trajic event.

I wokes up yesterdee to da news that Marley had gone over da rainbow bridge. I noze da e az been poorly for ajez but it woz still a tewibble shok. I noze many words have been ritten over the last day or so about what a great dog he woz but I feelz I az gotta add my bit.

Marley woz a Border Terrier. Not just any BT. He woz da number one BT. No dog stuk up for iz breed like Marley did. E befwended every BT he kud find on Twitter and woz a loyal fwend to dem all. His sens of hewma kame across so well dat many ov us have bursted out laffing while reading iz bloggy or iz tweets.

To me and some other Wonky Club members, he woz da gaffer of squizzer patrol. We were iz faithful dog servants oo ansad the kall when Marley warned uz of squizzer aktivity. Myself, Rosa, Billy, Tilly and Hector will be lost wivout iz kommands.

Da outpouring of gweef on Twitter shows ow highly The Gaffer was fort of. I iz not surpwized. E was a one off oo I will miss effuryday. I sends my luff and dat of Rosa and my oomans to Lola and Marley's oomans. I ope dey get ova da gweef soon so dat dey kan look bak on The Gaffer's life and smile insted of kwy. I luffs you, Marley. RIP

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Wonky Camp

I az finally got round to posting about Wonky Camp. I iz sowwy for the delay but I az been busy doing what doggies do!

Wonky Camp woz the gweatest weekyend eva. I got to meet and play wiv my Twitter friends. I woz sowwy dat Billy and Hector cud not be dare but da rest of the gang were and we ad a fantastic time. The Mums & Dads set up a beer tent for demselves and we ad a uge field to run around in and play ball.

Da Mums and Dads played rounders which woz silly cuz we can run loads faster dan dem and we always got da ball first and ran off wiv it. Rosa, Quinn and Tora are da bestest ball chasers. Oomans don't stand a chance!

I wud like to fank all my doggy fwends for making it a gwate weekyend. Espeshully doze dat came such a long way like Lilly, Daisy, Tora, Juno & Jura who all came fwom Scottyland and to Mummy Liz who flew in from Doobuy. You iz all top dogs and top peepul and I iz pwoud to be you pal

Thursday, 19 July 2012

I sowwy

I sowwy everyone. I az been neglekting my likkle bloggy.

Loads az been appening so I just avnt ad the time. Since my last bloggy, I az been on holibobs twice and we az ad Wonky Camp wiv all my furends.

Da holibobs were gwate. We did loads ov walkings and chillin out in da wobbly. I showd Rosa loads ov my favrit places. Such as Hieki Canyon. Here is a picture ov it.
Rosa woz not allowed of lead cuz of da sheepies but she still enjoyed it.

Even doe da wevaman say it woz gunna wain all da time, we ad sum gwate weva as well as some wet stuff.

As for Wonky Camp, dat deserves a bloggy all ov its own so I will get to dat as soon az I kan

Saturday, 9 June 2012


Rosa was a good girl at the wobble box. We didn't go too far from the van so she could get used to it so she didn't get chance to meet the sheepys and orses. That will happen this week because, as from today, WE IZ ON HOLIBOBS!!!

As soon as I have done my bloggy, Dad is going to feed the snakeys and we iz off to the wobbly for a week. The wevver forecast is a bit pants but I am not bothered. We have been there in snow!

So, my furends, what's been happening since my last blog? Not a gwate deal, to be honest. Rosa is still norty and we are going to start taking her to gundog twaining classes in July. That will be fun! (& a bit of a challenge!) I will keep you informed on how she does.

We sometimes meet annuver GSP on our walks. She iz called Holly and Rosa and her run around togevva cuz they iz bofe young and silly. The hoomans and me just stand and watch them. They are cwazy!

Rosa met the minipeeps a few weeks ago for the first time. She knocked them bofe ova cuz she wa excited. They cried but Rosa didn't care! After that, she left them alone and just kept running off with toys!

I had better go now az I need to pack my bowl ready for setting off to the beautiful Derbyshire countryside

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Rosa Update

She is a loony! Dat iz my conclusion after a couple of weeks of living wiv my new sisfur. For the first week or so I decided to ignore her most of the time as she was getting plenty of attention from Mum & Dad. But as time has gone by, I have got used to her and we play together now.

She iz very excitable and is obsessed wiv my cat, Seven. She sits and stared at her even when Sven is asleep but she can't help but chase her if the cat runs so Seven doesn't like Rosa and twys to scratch her when she gets too close. It doesn't seem to bover Rosa much!

Sometimes I like to sleep and Rosa just wants to play so I have to remind her ooze in charge in dis owse. But apart from dat, we get on fine and I iz sure dat az she gets older, it will get better.

We are taking her to the wobble box for the first time tonight. She will have to stop on a lead az Mum & Dad can't twust her wiv da horses and sheepys on da farm. I don't know how she will settle in da wobbly but dare iz only one way to find out.

Monday, 30 April 2012

I got a sister!

Yesterday Mum & Dad got up early and put me in the Hiekimobile and we set off down the motorway. I thought we would be going to see the Minipeeps or Micropeep so I settled down for my snooze. Then we were outside a strange house. M&D got me out of the car and we went to the house. We we went in, I met a beautiful GSP girl who was only 1 year old. We played together for a bit while Mum & Dad chatted with the people in the house. When it came to going home time, the dog came to the Hiekimobile with us. I was amazed when she got in the car with me. It appears I now have a sister!

So please welcome, Rosa

She is very excitable and runs like the wind. I took her to the nature reserve wiv M&D and she ran so fast, I couldn't keep up wiv her. So I have got lots to teach her and I will try my bestest to do a good job. I will update you all about Rosa when I have spent some more time with her.