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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Appy Nu Yere

I opes youz all ad a sooper Chrissymas and Nu Yere.

Ere in da Doggy Rupublik of Rovram we ad a gwate time. I did fink Chrissymas mite be kansulled after Rosa did eat Santy Paws

But we woz lucky. Santy Paws must av eskaped (I fink e ad to buy a nu at) korse e did come to see us after all. I mist im korse I woz in me bed asleep.

Da eyelite of Chrissymas for me woz that General Ben did be on leve from saving da world in da armee. E did come to stop wiv us for a wile. General Ben is my bestest pal and I spent all da time eeva sat on im or trying to sit on im! We ad load of fusses and cuggles. Fusses and cuggles wiv General Ben is wot I like doin bestest.