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Tuesday, 28 February 2012


This is Lucy
She was an anniversary present who arrived in March 2010. She came from LRSEC Lab rescue peeps.

Lucy is a big twitter fan. She joined Twitter as she had become friends with Wiggle, who is a big twitterer!

In March 2011, Lucy met her fella on Twitter. His name is @Rudipuds. (A good looking lad but he aint no Henry!!)

Lucy goes to Hydrotherapy for fun swims but her Mum insists she puts on a purple jumper afterwards and she, quite rightly, hates it. Get a grip, Mum! Mum also bought a coat at the LRSEC annual party and Lucy hates that even more!

As well as being a Wonky Club member, Lucy is also involved in Pedalpawz. They raised over £400 for LRSEC & Help For Heroes at a fundraising pantomime. Top peeps.

Lucy loves water especially if it's muddy
She is a big fan of food as well but does a bit of agility on Sunday mornings which helps her keep her racing greyhound figure.

She recently was attacked by another dog on her regular walk. This upset her and her Mum so we sent out big cuddles to her.

She is a very lovely lady and we are all looking forward to seeing her at Wonky Camp.

Love ya Lucy

Tuesday, 14 February 2012


This is Daisy
She lives with Lilly in far off Scottyland. She was born in da Scottyland border area on 16th April 2011.
Her new Mum & Dad were tipped off by Tora's mum as they were looking for another Spangold to go along side Lilly.

She is a posh young lady because she has a middle name. It is Faline. She is named after Bambi's girlfriend because she has a long neck which she uses to snaffle stuff in Mummy's kitchen. She has managed to nick 4 raw pigs in blankets and also 2 slices of highly alcoholic Chrissymas cake amongst other things.

Like most of us, she will eat anyfing (apart from satsumas!) but she is a growing girl.
Here she is wiv her fella, Quinn. Although Quinn lives down in London and Daisy lives way up norf in Inverness they are head over heals in love. You can see how much in love they are. I think we may have to keep a careful eye on them at Wonky Camp. We don't want any wonky hanky panky!

Finally, Daisy has an ambition. She loves her Dad very much and to make him happy she is secretly training hard so she can play for Dad's beloved Sunderland
Daisy is a top dog and we all fink she's great.

Love you Daisy xxx

Tuesday, 7 February 2012


This is Tilly
If it is true that gentledogs prefer blondes then this must be one popular girl because she is a proper beauty.

She was born in Lancashire but I will not hold that against her. She went to live on a narrowboat for 2 years and fell into the wet stuff on a regular basis. She did have a doggy life jacket but somehow managed to fall in only when she wasn't wearing it! She found out dat she could swim ok!

She eventually moved into a not wet house and now lives in lovely Buxton and is known by all Wonky Clubbers as The Peak Princess.
She is only allowed half a Wonky at a time due to her Mummy watching her weight. The Wonky Club solicitors are looking into the legality of that and hopefully her Mum will be in serious trouble for abuse!

I iz only joking cause her Mum is great and a big Wonky Club supporter.

Mum is not up to playing tuggy with her as she is so strong so her Grandad plays that wiv her. She is, like others on here, a brilliant de upholsterer and likes un stuffing. All these things show us what a great girl she is but one thing about Tilly is slightly unnerving to some of us (not me), she has a feline best friend called CinCin!
Tilly is fantastic and I love her loads xx