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Monday, 30 April 2012

I got a sister!

Yesterday Mum & Dad got up early and put me in the Hiekimobile and we set off down the motorway. I thought we would be going to see the Minipeeps or Micropeep so I settled down for my snooze. Then we were outside a strange house. M&D got me out of the car and we went to the house. We we went in, I met a beautiful GSP girl who was only 1 year old. We played together for a bit while Mum & Dad chatted with the people in the house. When it came to going home time, the dog came to the Hiekimobile with us. I was amazed when she got in the car with me. It appears I now have a sister!

So please welcome, Rosa

She is very excitable and runs like the wind. I took her to the nature reserve wiv M&D and she ran so fast, I couldn't keep up wiv her. So I have got lots to teach her and I will try my bestest to do a good job. I will update you all about Rosa when I have spent some more time with her.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Giant Donkey

Wow. I az seen a giant donkey! It iz called an Andalucian Giant Donkey and it woz huge! According to what Dad told me, only 250 are left in the whole world. Dat iz sad.
There were lots of different anipals there. I saw a Llarma but Dad told me it was half of a Pushme Pullyou. I fink he was kidding. The minipeeps fed the anipals but nobody fed me!

I iz getting excited now az I am on holiday next week. We are not going until Monday because Dad iz working on Sunday. Mum and Dad will be putting the awning up this time so I can chill in there. I luffs my awning.

Can I say a bit welcome back to my mate, Tilly. Tilly's Mum has been to America and she forgot to leave the laptop for Tilly so she was not able to get on Twitter. Wonky Club iz a far better place wiv Tilly in it so, welcome back, Peak Pwincess. We have missed you like mad

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Is it summer or what?

Last week I was lying in my favourite sun spot in the garden. I luffs summer. Then it snowed! What is going on? Is it summer or is it winter? Don't get me wrong. I luffs da snow too but summer iz betterer

Dad sorted the Hiekimobile last weekend so I was able to have the minipeeps come up and stop. They are great and we had a great weekend.

Then we took them back to Derby and went off to see the Micropeep. She iz vewy tiny buy I had a niff and she niffed good. I was not allowed to lick her but you can't have everyfing.

Easter has been a non event for Dad. He worked Friday & Saturday. He off today but in work again tomorrow. Me & Mum have had loads of luvin and watched girlie telly. No football or anyfing!

Today we went to a petting farm to see if it would be any good for da Minipeeps when we have dem next week. It was great. Loads of weird niffs. I aint never niffed a llama before! Hopefully da wevver will be good next weekend and we can take da minipeeps to it.