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Monday, 30 January 2012


This is my mate, Hector
Hector is very special to me as he was born on exactly the same day as me! That should mean he never forgets to send me a prezzie for my burfday!!!

Hector loves cushions. Well, he likes ripping them to bits. He is also a huge fan of water. I think he was a fish in a previous life. You can't keep him out of it.

He goes to the pub and has his own spot that he always expects to be empty and waiting for him. He gets lots of treats there. It is the same for me at my pub. That is another thing we have in common.

He is a real action dog and loves killing tennis balls
unlike Tora who loves her tennis ball.

Hector is in lust with a "posh" poodle who he sees in the village but she doesn't seem to fancy a bit of rough so his lust keeps getting ignored by the posh totty. May be she would prefer a dog that spends more time on four legs!
Hector is our deep souf representative in Wonky Club and is one cool dude.

Love ya, Hector. xxx

Monday, 23 January 2012


This is my pal, Tora
Tora was born 26th May 2009. She had super clever siblings. One of them went to work for da drug squad and one to da bomb squad. She out did them by becoming a member of Wonky Club! How jealous must dey be. 

Tora is a proper water puppy, as you can see from the photo. She loves swimmin. They other fing dat she loves lots is her tennis ball.
As soon as her Dad walks through the door, she drops the ball at his feet and stares at it until he picks it up and throws it.

Food wise, she loves Peeny Butter, piggys ears, Toast, cheese & Wonky Chomps. (Sounds like a perfect meal to me!)
This is her bestest camera smile. What a gorgeous lady she is.

She lives with Jura, Iona and Juno and all play together until it's bedtime when she likes to sleep under the quilt and snore like a trooper!

She is another of da Wonky Club dats lives in Scottyland. She is a very special lady who I adores lots.

Love ya Tora. 


Saturday, 21 January 2012


This is Billy. He is the zoomy member of Wonky Club!
Billy was not looked after very well when he was a pup but was lucky enough to find new hoomans who love him lots. This was how they found him.
His Mum & Dad already had 2 greyhounds (Sarah & Glen) and were looking for a smaller dog. He fitted the Bill (See what I did there!) He is now three years old. He used to do agility training but can't now since Mum & Dad moved.

His favourite things are roast chicken, Wonky Chomps and Twitter! He also loves milk.

He is a very brave dog. He is not scared by fireworks of thunder but he hates having his nails done. He shoves his feet down the side of the sofa and hopes that Dad will think he has lost his legs! He is a fine weather dog (That's cause he ain't got no meat on him!) and plays frisbee wiv this Dad everyday. He is good at catching it.

When he isn't chasing frisbees he is chasing Squizzers, wabbits and wats. There seems to be a pattern emerging here. Billy likes chasing fings!

This is my favourite photo of Billy.
What a handsome zoomy he is. I is very proud to have Billy as my friend.
Love ya, Zoomy xxx

Monday, 16 January 2012


Here is Lilly
She is a very special friend. She is from a far off distant country called Scottyland. She was born in May 2002 on a tiny island up the top, somewhere! She lives up in Scottyland but has also lived in Leicestershire. Like lots of us pups, she was a bit of a naughty chewer when she was ickle. She lived with her beautiful black lab sister, Tara until April 2011 when Tara passed away. Everyone was very sad. Lilly was very ill during this period and her Mum was grateful to all her twitter pals for the love and support they showed to the whole family at this time. Twitter is gwate!

Lilly loves Chickin & Tuna but gets told off for eating kelp on the beach! She is an excellent fisherwoman and da trout swim in fear of her!

She hasn't got a fella at da moment and she can keep her paws off my Henry. She spends most of her time nowadays being the big sister to Daisy pup (Quinn's girlfriend from the earlier blog). I think she has got plenty on her paws looking after Daisy!

Daisy's Mum & Dad are wonderful doggy people and all of us Twitter friends benefit from the love they show to us all.
Daisy & Lilly

I am very proud to have Lilly as a friend.

Love ya, Lilly xx

Saturday, 14 January 2012


The next friend I would like to talk about is Doris.

She is a very clever dog. She is a fanatical Celtic fan. That is great because so am I and we can chat about the football. Although she doesn't share my love of Rovrum United (Nobody is perfect!)
Dad, Mum & Step Grandad outside Celtic Park

Doris was rescued from a very sad life and came to live with her Mum & Dad via The Blue Cross (Top peeps) in May 2011. She says she is about 8 but she isn't sure cuz she forgets how many parties she has had!

She also shares another love of mine, food. Like me, Doris eats just about anyfing. Unlike me, though, she loves mud. She is a dirty dog!!

She goes to Hydro Therapy every week. She says it is for medical purposes but I fink it sounds like a nightclub that she goes to to bust some shapes!

She lives with Meg the Cat, who she tolerates as long as she behaves and she is a brill pal. 

Love ya, Doris

Monday, 9 January 2012


Hi Everybody

I hope you all had a great festive period. I know I did.

What I would like to do is introduce you to some of my friends in a series of blogs. All the dogs that I talk about are wonderful. You can take it from me that they all have great hoomans and I am very proud to have them as my bestest friends.

This is Quinn. He does upholstery. That is why he has that little bit of foam in his mouth in the picture. So if you need your sofa unstuffing or fancy having your cushions resculptured, let me know and I will send you his business card.

Quinn was born 25/05/11. He lives with 4 other dogs in Essex. He does gun dog training but I am not sure I would trust him with a rifle! He loves his toys lots but does not let his brothers & Sisters near them. He loves them but not that much! He is very boisterous and has chewed his way through the house. A bookcase, a chair arm, house plants, wiring and the dustpan & brush have all been Quinned at some point!

But now he is in love. The only snag is that his gal lives about 600 miles away in Inverness. They have met but the relationship in mainly online. Rather like me & Henry.
This is Quinn with Daisy (his Inverness beauty)

As you can see, they are so happy together. I will tell you more about Daisy in a later blog.

Quinn has learnt lots from the other dogs. He collects all of their bones (I think he must like tidying up for his Mum!) but he forgets to tell them where he has put them. What a forgetful puppy he is!

He is a little bit stressed at the moment as his Mum is abroad on business but we all know she loves him loads and misses him as much as he misses her.

Quinn is great fun and I am really glad I know him. 

Love ya Quinny xxx