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Saturday, 9 June 2012


Rosa was a good girl at the wobble box. We didn't go too far from the van so she could get used to it so she didn't get chance to meet the sheepys and orses. That will happen this week because, as from today, WE IZ ON HOLIBOBS!!!

As soon as I have done my bloggy, Dad is going to feed the snakeys and we iz off to the wobbly for a week. The wevver forecast is a bit pants but I am not bothered. We have been there in snow!

So, my furends, what's been happening since my last blog? Not a gwate deal, to be honest. Rosa is still norty and we are going to start taking her to gundog twaining classes in July. That will be fun! (& a bit of a challenge!) I will keep you informed on how she does.

We sometimes meet annuver GSP on our walks. She iz called Holly and Rosa and her run around togevva cuz they iz bofe young and silly. The hoomans and me just stand and watch them. They are cwazy!

Rosa met the minipeeps a few weeks ago for the first time. She knocked them bofe ova cuz she wa excited. They cried but Rosa didn't care! After that, she left them alone and just kept running off with toys!

I had better go now az I need to pack my bowl ready for setting off to the beautiful Derbyshire countryside


  1. I do ope the olliday be good my pal. I kno they haz plentiful supply of squirrels in Derbyshire.

    1. Fanks Gaffer. I seen 1 squizzer but it was long way away. Managed to eat some sheep poo instead. Nommy