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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Wonky Camp

I az finally got round to posting about Wonky Camp. I iz sowwy for the delay but I az been busy doing what doggies do!

Wonky Camp woz the gweatest weekyend eva. I got to meet and play wiv my Twitter friends. I woz sowwy dat Billy and Hector cud not be dare but da rest of the gang were and we ad a fantastic time. The Mums & Dads set up a beer tent for demselves and we ad a uge field to run around in and play ball.

Da Mums and Dads played rounders which woz silly cuz we can run loads faster dan dem and we always got da ball first and ran off wiv it. Rosa, Quinn and Tora are da bestest ball chasers. Oomans don't stand a chance!

I wud like to fank all my doggy fwends for making it a gwate weekyend. Espeshully doze dat came such a long way like Lilly, Daisy, Tora, Juno & Jura who all came fwom Scottyland and to Mummy Liz who flew in from Doobuy. You iz all top dogs and top peepul and I iz pwoud to be you pal


  1. Looks like you had the most fun every!! It is a shame I was missed!!

  2. That looks pawsome my pal. Pick up any squizzle-huntin tips?

  3. It woz a gwate weekyend, Dalton. I wish you ad been dare

    Marley, pleeze wememba dat I az sucksessfully cort a squizzer so I woz da one giving out da tips!