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Friday, 7 December 2012

The Gaffer

I az been koncerned for a while dat I azent dun my blog for ages but I az been busy wiv da Wonky Club website so it az took a bak seet. For dat, dere reedaz, I iz sowwy. However dis week I feel I az been forced into blogging again korse of one trajic event.

I wokes up yesterdee to da news that Marley had gone over da rainbow bridge. I noze da e az been poorly for ajez but it woz still a tewibble shok. I noze many words have been ritten over the last day or so about what a great dog he woz but I feelz I az gotta add my bit.

Marley woz a Border Terrier. Not just any BT. He woz da number one BT. No dog stuk up for iz breed like Marley did. E befwended every BT he kud find on Twitter and woz a loyal fwend to dem all. His sens of hewma kame across so well dat many ov us have bursted out laffing while reading iz bloggy or iz tweets.

To me and some other Wonky Club members, he woz da gaffer of squizzer patrol. We were iz faithful dog servants oo ansad the kall when Marley warned uz of squizzer aktivity. Myself, Rosa, Billy, Tilly and Hector will be lost wivout iz kommands.

Da outpouring of gweef on Twitter shows ow highly The Gaffer was fort of. I iz not surpwized. E was a one off oo I will miss effuryday. I sends my luff and dat of Rosa and my oomans to Lola and Marley's oomans. I ope dey get ova da gweef soon so dat dey kan look bak on The Gaffer's life and smile insted of kwy. I luffs you, Marley. RIP


  1. He was the bestest wasn't e!! I is going to miss him so much!!

  2. Typist here Hieki, thank you so much for your generous tribute to the old boy. He will be greatly missed but he lives on through your good works and Lola will continue to patrol our boundaries for squirrels as she has done this past year. The fight goes on!!