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Friday, 23 March 2012


This is my mate Dalton
He is the boss dog at Wagg Foods. I think he is in charge of everything. That is the sort of job that I want. I would be a very hard worker! (If you need a chief taster, Dalton, ring me!)

He is into everything!
He has many important jobs in the office. Banana skin rescuer, chief bin emptier and computer cable stealer are among his official titles.

He spends lots of time trying to stop snacks being posted out to other dogs as he feels he could deal with them himself!

He has an elder brother (Monty) and a younger brother (Ernest)
He enjoys playing hide & seek and his favourite toy is his purple hoop.

He is currently at school, learning how to behave. He is doing very well at it.

He has his own blog 

He is a top mate and I love him loads


  1. Ang on a minute I does be recognising that very andsome dog!! It is me!! *excited tail circles* of Hieki fank you so so much for making me a star! Big Daltons kisses coming your way xxx