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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Back to normal bloggy

I hope you have all enjoyed the series of blogs about my friends. I may do some more in the future. So back to doing ordinary blogs!

So whats happening in my life. Lots this week!

Dad's youngest daughter, Laura, had a puppy this week. Her name is Lily-Rose and she is bewtiful!
But by far the most important news is that my car (The Hiekimobile) is a bit broke! I love my car. It takes me to the Wobble Box and to visit friends. I don't see it in the week as Dad has a lock up garage that he stores it in. Dad uses one of his moteebikes to go to work on in da week.

Today we walked to the garage (about a mile and a half away). When we got there Dad opened the garage and normally opens the back door for me to jump in. This time, the handle stuck up and the door didn't open. Dad had to tie me to a fence while he got the car out and took the childseats out of the back so he could drop the back seats and I could get it in. Now Dad has got to strip the rear door panel off so he can get it to work
I hopes all my readers have a gwate weekend. I am off to sit outside and watch Dad swear at the car!

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