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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Is it summer or what?

Last week I was lying in my favourite sun spot in the garden. I luffs summer. Then it snowed! What is going on? Is it summer or is it winter? Don't get me wrong. I luffs da snow too but summer iz betterer

Dad sorted the Hiekimobile last weekend so I was able to have the minipeeps come up and stop. They are great and we had a great weekend.

Then we took them back to Derby and went off to see the Micropeep. She iz vewy tiny buy I had a niff and she niffed good. I was not allowed to lick her but you can't have everyfing.

Easter has been a non event for Dad. He worked Friday & Saturday. He off today but in work again tomorrow. Me & Mum have had loads of luvin and watched girlie telly. No football or anyfing!

Today we went to a petting farm to see if it would be any good for da Minipeeps when we have dem next week. It was great. Loads of weird niffs. I aint never niffed a llama before! Hopefully da wevver will be good next weekend and we can take da minipeeps to it.

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  1. Glad you had a nice weekend Heiki. Is good to ave girl they tell me.