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Monday, 30 April 2012

I got a sister!

Yesterday Mum & Dad got up early and put me in the Hiekimobile and we set off down the motorway. I thought we would be going to see the Minipeeps or Micropeep so I settled down for my snooze. Then we were outside a strange house. M&D got me out of the car and we went to the house. We we went in, I met a beautiful GSP girl who was only 1 year old. We played together for a bit while Mum & Dad chatted with the people in the house. When it came to going home time, the dog came to the Hiekimobile with us. I was amazed when she got in the car with me. It appears I now have a sister!

So please welcome, Rosa

She is very excitable and runs like the wind. I took her to the nature reserve wiv M&D and she ran so fast, I couldn't keep up wiv her. So I have got lots to teach her and I will try my bestest to do a good job. I will update you all about Rosa when I have spent some more time with her.

1 comment:

  1. Hurray for sibfurs. Welcome to Rosa. Her runnin skills will come in handy for squizzerpatrol dooties