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Saturday, 21 January 2012


This is Billy. He is the zoomy member of Wonky Club!
Billy was not looked after very well when he was a pup but was lucky enough to find new hoomans who love him lots. This was how they found him.
His Mum & Dad already had 2 greyhounds (Sarah & Glen) and were looking for a smaller dog. He fitted the Bill (See what I did there!) He is now three years old. He used to do agility training but can't now since Mum & Dad moved.

His favourite things are roast chicken, Wonky Chomps and Twitter! He also loves milk.

He is a very brave dog. He is not scared by fireworks of thunder but he hates having his nails done. He shoves his feet down the side of the sofa and hopes that Dad will think he has lost his legs! He is a fine weather dog (That's cause he ain't got no meat on him!) and plays frisbee wiv this Dad everyday. He is good at catching it.

When he isn't chasing frisbees he is chasing Squizzers, wabbits and wats. There seems to be a pattern emerging here. Billy likes chasing fings!

This is my favourite photo of Billy.
What a handsome zoomy he is. I is very proud to have Billy as my friend.
Love ya, Zoomy xxx

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  1. Oh you has pulled it out of da bag again Hieki! It b a cracker!