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Monday, 30 January 2012


This is my mate, Hector
Hector is very special to me as he was born on exactly the same day as me! That should mean he never forgets to send me a prezzie for my burfday!!!

Hector loves cushions. Well, he likes ripping them to bits. He is also a huge fan of water. I think he was a fish in a previous life. You can't keep him out of it.

He goes to the pub and has his own spot that he always expects to be empty and waiting for him. He gets lots of treats there. It is the same for me at my pub. That is another thing we have in common.

He is a real action dog and loves killing tennis balls
unlike Tora who loves her tennis ball.

Hector is in lust with a "posh" poodle who he sees in the village but she doesn't seem to fancy a bit of rough so his lust keeps getting ignored by the posh totty. May be she would prefer a dog that spends more time on four legs!
Hector is our deep souf representative in Wonky Club and is one cool dude.

Love ya, Hector. xxx

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  1. Awww he is such a handsome chap my Hector and I can't wait to meet him :)