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Monday, 16 January 2012


Here is Lilly
She is a very special friend. She is from a far off distant country called Scottyland. She was born in May 2002 on a tiny island up the top, somewhere! She lives up in Scottyland but has also lived in Leicestershire. Like lots of us pups, she was a bit of a naughty chewer when she was ickle. She lived with her beautiful black lab sister, Tara until April 2011 when Tara passed away. Everyone was very sad. Lilly was very ill during this period and her Mum was grateful to all her twitter pals for the love and support they showed to the whole family at this time. Twitter is gwate!

Lilly loves Chickin & Tuna but gets told off for eating kelp on the beach! She is an excellent fisherwoman and da trout swim in fear of her!

She hasn't got a fella at da moment and she can keep her paws off my Henry. She spends most of her time nowadays being the big sister to Daisy pup (Quinn's girlfriend from the earlier blog). I think she has got plenty on her paws looking after Daisy!

Daisy's Mum & Dad are wonderful doggy people and all of us Twitter friends benefit from the love they show to us all.
Daisy & Lilly

I am very proud to have Lilly as a friend.

Love ya, Lilly xx


  1. Thats such a beautiful picture of Lily. Brilliant stuff Hieks.

  2. Dis as always Hieki is a vewwy gud blog and I can see dat yoo do your reserch!