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Monday, 23 January 2012


This is my pal, Tora
Tora was born 26th May 2009. She had super clever siblings. One of them went to work for da drug squad and one to da bomb squad. She out did them by becoming a member of Wonky Club! How jealous must dey be. 

Tora is a proper water puppy, as you can see from the photo. She loves swimmin. They other fing dat she loves lots is her tennis ball.
As soon as her Dad walks through the door, she drops the ball at his feet and stares at it until he picks it up and throws it.

Food wise, she loves Peeny Butter, piggys ears, Toast, cheese & Wonky Chomps. (Sounds like a perfect meal to me!)
This is her bestest camera smile. What a gorgeous lady she is.

She lives with Jura, Iona and Juno and all play together until it's bedtime when she likes to sleep under the quilt and snore like a trooper!

She is another of da Wonky Club dats lives in Scottyland. She is a very special lady who I adores lots.

Love ya Tora. 


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