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Saturday, 14 January 2012


The next friend I would like to talk about is Doris.

She is a very clever dog. She is a fanatical Celtic fan. That is great because so am I and we can chat about the football. Although she doesn't share my love of Rovrum United (Nobody is perfect!)
Dad, Mum & Step Grandad outside Celtic Park

Doris was rescued from a very sad life and came to live with her Mum & Dad via The Blue Cross (Top peeps) in May 2011. She says she is about 8 but she isn't sure cuz she forgets how many parties she has had!

She also shares another love of mine, food. Like me, Doris eats just about anyfing. Unlike me, though, she loves mud. She is a dirty dog!!

She goes to Hydro Therapy every week. She says it is for medical purposes but I fink it sounds like a nightclub that she goes to to bust some shapes!

She lives with Meg the Cat, who she tolerates as long as she behaves and she is a brill pal. 

Love ya, Doris

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  1. Annuver belter Hieki, fleet street awaits you!!