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Monday, 5 December 2011

It's cold!

Dad woke up at about 5;30. This may have been helped by me standing by the side of the bed sniffing. We set off for the nature reserve at about 5:45. Dispite a nasty weather forecast, snow was nowhere to be seen. It was sleeting and was very cold. I ran around lots. Dad uses a big torch to see where he is going but I don't need it. I run off into the long grass and the bushes. Dad gets a bit worried when he can't see me for a minute and calls me back. I go back and nothing happens. He could at least, give me a biscuit!

The weekend was great. Normally Dad is either working on one of the two days, he is away at the football or we have one of the Grandkids stopping. This weekend, none of those happened. It was good to spend time with Mum & Dad. On Saturday, Dads brother called in on his was from his house in Leicestershire to visit his Mum in Wetherby. I got lots of stroking and attention so I enjoyed that. Sunday was just Mum & Dad. Lots of snoozing on the settee and a long walk in the morning!

And now Monday morning has arrived. Mum has already gone to work and Dad will be gone in an hour or so. I don't like being left but I know that Mum will be home at tea time so I look forward to that

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