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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Those that came before!

I am much loved in our house but I hear Mum & Dad talk of others who came before me. I have learned lots about them.

Millie & Murphy were brother and sister. They were German Shepherd/Collie cross.

Murphy was thick. Thick but lovable. He was completely loyal and totally loving. He was bigger and stronger than his sister but she totally dominated him. She was the brains to his brawn.

Millie was more collie looking than Murphy. She was very bright and only needed showing things once.

Murphy died first of a heart attack. Mum & Dad were absolutely heartbroken. Millie lived for another 13 months before she was diagnosed with cancer and had to be put down. Mum & Dad thought that their life was completely empty without a dog so I came along!

Millie and Murphy will never be forgotten. They are often spoken about but I am not jealous. I am what I am and know that they love me for that

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